August 27, 2011

Incorporating distinct designs for unconventional projects, Andreas Wenning and his firm baumraum have become one of the world’s most renowned treehouse architects. Owing to his personal preference for small spaces and experimental architecture, his treehouses represent a symbiosis between modern architecture and nature. Built mostly for families with smaller children, baumraum has built treehouses throughout Europe-Germany, Austria, Italy, Hungary-and as far away as Brazil and the U.S. “We’d be glad to build something in the Middle East. We would like to present other concepts-like Jungle House and Palm Fiction-and maybe parlay that into presenting something for higher-level clients as well,” says Wenning.With so much of the industry’s emphasis on building smart and building green, Wenning understands the challenges of building structures that directly interact with their natural environment. In short, he knows putting buildings in trees isn’t the best way to be eco-friendly and, to that end, baumraum collaborates with experts to ensure the treehouses don’t injure their natural hosts.”We work with tree experts to find the best solution to connect the treehouse with the trees. We use textile belts and heavy duty steel cables to fix the structures. We don’t use any bolts or nails.”

Palm-fiction renderings : Cristina Caldieri and Andrea Cigolini:










I imagine that the windows automatically solarize to cut down glare?  What a great environment for a tropical break!

I wonder how it does in a tropical storm…could be a sleepless night.



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