“A Starck John”

March 17, 2011 · 2 comments

…And completely on the other end of the spectrum from the ubiquitous porta-potty:


I give you Philippe Starck’s SensoWash Starck 3 – a new shower-toilet seat that combines contemporary aesthetics, comfort, convenience and cleanliness. The heated seat brings a little luxury to an otherwise unglamorous, utilitarian necessity. A hand-held remote control lets you conveniently operate the seat’s many functions – Rearwash, Comfortwash, Ladywash, the hot-air dryer, seat heating, and even the memory keys programmable for two different users…the sheer luxury.

New for 2011, the SensoWash Starck 3 shower-toilet seat can be combined with any toilet from the Starck 3, Starck 2 and the Darling New ranges.


Talking of luxury…


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1 Ivette Soler March 17, 2011 at 6:56 pm

Philip! Okay I HAVE to tell you what happened to me at a local Sushi place I’d never been to before. After a few beer and sake, I went to the Ladies’ and saw before me a toilet that looked a little ominous, but I figured – whatevs, I need to go! So I did that comes naturally, and was suddenly totally MOLESTED by the toilet! I guess this place has all of those functions on automatic, and that toilet just gave it to me without me consenting!!!
I felt so cheap.
I fear returning to the place, even though they have great sushi!
But maybe in the privacy of my home, and designed by Philippe Stark … AAAHhhh! It is still scary!
The Violated G.

2 Philip March 23, 2011 at 3:34 am

Poor violated G!

Sounds like a rather traumatic experience…only in LA :-)

Thank goodness I am only acquainted with good old fashion toilets, the ones that just sit there, the ones where I am in control. I absolutely do not want my porcelain throne deciding what is best for me at any given point in time. Oh no, not me…the English restroom Luddite. Tell me what restaurant it was and I will sneak in and destroy its internal systems before it damages someones internal system. It would be reminiscent of the final demise of HAL, only set in the John?…
What are you doing to my flow regulator Dave? Dave, I really think you should finish your Sushi now…your miso is getting cold Dave…etc,etc.

Yes I would give this one a try at home – keeping a very close eye on that temperature gauge, though I cannot image what trouble my halflings would get into, let loose with that pictorial remote control.


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