“Running and Relaxing”

July 29, 2010

Korean designer, chul an kwak’s dynamic tables…

Tables Inspired by Galloping Horses

The ‘r.n.i.’ series of tables by Chul An Kwak is inspired by images of running horses. Sculpted from wood, these designs offer the same sort of flat surface you’d see in a conventional table but with legs that seem kinetic and alive.

Here is another piece of furniture design that does not lack movement…

Gravity Lounger

(images via: Varier Furniture)

The Gravity Lounger by Varier Furniture has a rather unconventional design, but it certainly looks comfortable. The makers claim that sitting in this chair is “probably the closest you’ll ever get to zero gravity”, reclining to the point where you feel almost weightless. It can also be positioned upright to work at a desk.

Ingenious! I have to get one of these!

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