July 7, 2010

Slice Computing System

The ‘Slice’ concept is an organically inspired computing system which envisions a new approach to accessing, organizing and interacting with information and data stored on the PC. Current file management systems force users to store and manage files in a hierarchy of folders. The files are buried deep within folders providing no visual indication of where files are located, further adding to the confusion.

9 in Beautiful And Original Product Designs

9-2 in Beautiful And Original Product Designs

Slice brings the information out of the computer putting it into the users hand. By physically interacting with the slice, users can organize and place files accordingly. Each of the slices visually represent different folders seen in current operating software such as My Documents, My Music, My Videos, etc. The visual and touch based experience associated with slice provides the user with a tangible connection to their information stored on the computer reassuring the safety and placement of their files.

9-3 in Beautiful And Original Product Designs

Exciting form, exciting concept and a very citrus presentation…as good as …

The low-tech version?

Oh come on, who can resist the interactive – volcanic, jungle packaging of a Terry’s chocolate orange?

“Don’t tap it… Whack it!”

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