June 24, 2010

ONEDOWN: IDEA 2010 Student Gold Award

ONEDOWN is a humane rat trap.  The trap rests precariously in a horizontal position on a circular foot. Bait inside would lure the rat into the trap, a metal insert in the base coupled with the weight of the rat will tip the trap and bring it to a vertical position indicating that a rat has been trapped.  Then the rat can be released instead of killed.

“This is a charming concept of a humane mouse trap. We loved the simple idea, and how the problem is elegantly solved. There is a place for poetry in the great design.”  –Fumi Watanabe, Starbucks

Contact: Phillipe Vahe: philippe.vahe@gmail.com

Credit: Aakash Dewan of DSK ISD International School of Design (India)

I love this idea…especially after my unfortunate “spatula experience” with a mouse-trap device that prided itself on being humane!  I think not.

Most definitely a better mouse trap.  I also like the way the product instantly and visually conveys a capture. Watch out if you have a cat though.

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